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Ww2 tigers were invented on hitlets birthday in tigers could take out 10 t-34s it was the greatest tank In the war the tiger 1 was used for the whole war


We did not get the shipment yet !!

The Tiger

Look no more than in your own hand to see history in LEGO form. In this case we have a WW2 German Tiger tank made out of just lego peace’s, just the detail that was on these tanks in real life has now been brought to life in LEGO. In real life this tank packed one, if not the greatest punch’s ever with its 88 mm main gun, and thick armour plating all around. This tank could take out any allied tank in the war, making it in my opinion the most popular and powerful. I hope you guys buy this and enjoy building this for yourself.


Came much quicker than expected. Good quality, lots of pieces. 9 year old son loves it!

US Marines Paratroopers Squad 6-Pack with Weapons & Barricades
Great product

My son loves the Marines. Unfortunately, the shipment arrived without a parachute. The Brick Armory responded promptly an immediately shipped another complete set to make sure we got the parachute which we really appreciated.

Unboxing Chase Wind Chariot

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