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Haven't finished it yet but love it.

I ordered this in July 2022 but have yet to finish it. Mainly due to work and overtime. I've loved assembling it but made a mistake early on that came to bite me in the final assembly. I'm going to start all over n hopefully get it done over the long weekend I have.

Type 001A Aircraft Carrier 1355 Pieces
D.W. (Fernandina Beach, US)
He loves it!

We got this on sale, luckily, cause it is expensive! It is a nice size and my 11 year old has enjoyed putting it together. It shipped quickly as well. Very pleased with everything we have ordered from here.

It’s awesome!

My son got this for Christmas. He put it together with a little help from dad. He works great and he loves it. Great toy to build then have it as a remote control toy after! Highly recommend!

Really neat product!

My son is obsessed with tanks and he LOVES this! Great quality, good directions, lots of neat details!

WWII soldiers

My grandson who is 8 enjoyed putting the men together and plays with them a lot but had some trouble with the accessories ( age related)- recommend them

Ruger Mark III Pistol 118 Pieces
Ronald Misenar (Westland, US)

I don’t know it’s a Christmas Present for my Grandson, hopefully all the parts are there!!

Heavy Gustav Railway Gun

Shipping was fast, and is going to be a great Christmas present for my father.

WW2 Sets

Playing with soldiers and executing war scenarios has always been one of the favorite activities of our children. We offer a huge selection of WW2 brick sets to recreate the most iconic battles of the last century and learn more about world history.

We provide all kinds of World War related playsets. WW2 soldiers, vehicles like tanks, airplanes, ships, trucks, and many more options that were used during the Word War period. We offer  all kinds of playsets with this theme. 

There are different benefits for this kind of WW2 brick sets that provide  a lot of opportunities for learning and playing with war toys, soldiers, vehicles, army bases, and more. This provides the chance to reenact famous battles, moments  of heroism, and learn all about this important period in time that inspires the imagination of many children.

Brick WW2 sets cannot be found in the official shop, as the brand does not produce any sort of war-related toys. We guarantee the best quality of our playsets, 100% compatible with all major brands and super fun to play with. Expand the possibilities with our WW2 playsets and enjoy high quality products with a detailed approach to recreating historically faithful toys in a brick style that makes it child-friendly and appropriate for all ages.

We are proud to offer the best prices on these kinds of WW2 sets. We also offer playsets and soldiers packs from several world war fighting countries like Britain, USA, Germany, India, and the Soviet Union. With our rbcik army sets from WW2, your kid can get  a strong historic knowledge base through play - the best learning strategy for children of any age.

A strong WW2 playset can help further a child’s interest in history and encourage them to play in complex ways that stimulate their learning, planning, visuospatial skills, and more. It can also serve as a healthy outlet for the child’s anxieties and fears, a way for creating a wide set of scenarios, and more.  

A World War II playset can be a great gift for any child with an interest in history and World War II specifically. It has a wide appeal, as it opens a variety of possibilities for play scenarios. Our products can be also used in an educational setting, to build models or to help children understand specifics about this huge historical event. It can even serve adult enthusiasts thanks to its quality and also focus on providing toys representing all sides involved in the conflict.