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Tim Drexler (Davenport, US)

Loved it.

ICS-190 GLM Set

It arrived fast, and was easy to assemble and build but did take a long time. understandably it was flimsy when played around with but as a display item it looks really good. This set was also good for taking apart and making other weapon attachments for other buildable weapon sets, which i did.

U.S. Army Normandy D Day LCM3 Landing Craft WW2 - 413 Pieces

USS Missouri Battleship 2631 Pieces
Julian Herrera (Canoga Park, US)
USS Missouri Battleship

I bought this build a few weeks ago for myself (age 25-30) and I can honestly say it met all my expectations! I was worried the pieces would not fit or that some would be missing, but that was not the case! There were a few pieces that required some force or the right angle to click, but nothing that a 7+ year old wouldn't be able to figure out. I have a great time building it and will definitely be purchasing more sets with The Brick Armory in the future. I would also like to point out that my order arrived earlier than anticipated, so I was definitely happy about that!

Tank Playsets

Tanks are hugely popular with children and adults. They engage the interest of people who are military history buffs and also provide exciting opportunities for learning more about weaponry, military vehicles, and also world history.  Beyond this, tanks provide a lot of opportunities for games, model building, diorama building, and collecting. To look at the appeal they have across the world, one only needs to look at hugely popular games and toys that use tanks as a key element. Tanks are cool for kids and adults.

We offer a variety of building bricks tanks that are compatible with all major brands. War and war games, in particular, those involving tanks have always been popular with children and provide many opportunities for learning and fun.

Games involving tanks can provide different opportunities. First, they are attractive for any child who might be interested in the topic and in military history. In this sense, toys like tanks give kids the opportunity to learn more  about real events and also create their own scenarios. These games can provide a safe outlet for aggression and also for  anxieties and fears, which could be why some children are drawn to tanks and military-themed toys.

Our brick military tanks can also provide good support for developing different skills and different play styles. They can be used along other toy vehicles for better visuospatial skills and motor skills as well. Also, tanks are often attractive for boys and girls thanks to their design and perceived power.

We offer different building bricks tanks for sale, providing accurate representations of tanks from different countries and periods. Here, you will be able to find a wide variety of brick tanks for sale that include German, Soviet, American, and other models. This makes the products also a good choice for collectors or history buffs who would like a collection of military vehicles from different historical periods and countries in a brick style. Our products have a high quality and are faithful recreations that make them appropriate for collectionists as well as for kids. They are durable, so they will last a long time even if they are being actively played with or just used as a part of a diorama or display. With our brick tank sets, you can build your own collection of tanks that showcase the development of this type of military vehicle.

Tanks have a long history and have many characteristics that make them interesting as objects of study and as a hobby. They are armored vehicles with a lot of power and potential, which can draw many interested in military history. Playing with tanks can be a way of indulging in this interest. 

A brick tank set makes a great gift for kids and for adults, being both a good toy and an attractive collector’s item. In our store, you will be able to find brick tanks of different styles with a variety of details, accessories, and more.  You can complement your purchase with other military toys and figurines, including buildings, soldiers, and other kinds of vehicles to complete the set or collection. We strive for good quality to make sure that our toys are an effective product for kids and can withstand a lot  of action and also are appropriate for historic recreations, models, or collections. Discover all the options we have for you today and  get your favorite tank model.