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Absolutely Outstanding!

There are a few complaints such as the suspension wheels being too loose so they dont stay on the correct side of the track which causes the tank to not move as intended. That is my biggest problem with the tank, the other problems aren't truly problems, but rather just me being nit picky. There is only one other thing I can think of, I have the tank built and put up in my closet on a bin because I have nowhere else to put it out on display sadly, and I went to grab a new shirt and I accidentally dropped it and it fell directly onto the barrel and broke it off. At first I thought "man I need to click that in better," and when I pushed it back into place it just fell right off. Upon closer inspection the tan peg had cracked I assume that when the shirt hit it that was the cause of the fracture, but that was my fault and I already replaced it with a black Lego brand peg, so all is fine! As for the build process and the condition of all the pieces, figures, and weapons, I am very happy with my purchase! The Tiger tank is just remarkable, I was so overjoyed when I got and put it together, I ended up taking it apart just so I could rebuild the set again, and it was just as fun as the first time! I honestly think that anyone who enjoys Lego and WWII era tanks, they should get one if not more of these to amass a huge collection. Thank you I plan to buy more tanks from here in the future!


I bought for my son , he is so happy with them . And he said they are good quality .

AWM Sniper Rifle 1491 Pieces 105cm.

Product was nice. My boyfriend loved it! Definitely kept him busy for a while!

Good product!

I was very happy with my tiger tank and soldiers very nice build and would buy another... I did notice that my soldiers had no arms tho so would hope that I have arms on my next order

ww2 soldiers Minifigures 48 pack with weapons

My grandson, Ian (10), is autistic and is focused on the War of 1812 and WW I and WWII. He is thrilled with these miniature soldiers, using them in a stop-action video is working on.

M4A1 Sherman US Tank 726 Pieces 4 Soldiers + Weapons

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Product Description

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely used medium tank by the United States and Western Allies in World War II. The cast-hull models would later be re-standardized as M4A1, with the first welded-hull models receiving the designation M4.

  • 726 Pieces & 4 Minifigures Included
  • Turret rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted horizontally
  • Set of weapons for the soldiers included
  • High level of detail


  • United States: $7.99 (3-5 business days)
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  • International: $19.99 (12 to 20 business days. May vary)

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Customer Reviews

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Fun interesting build

A group of three middle aged experienced lego builders built 3 of these tanks together and we thoroughly enjoyed the build, the finished product and the mini figs! The only complaint is a few instruction diagrams were lacking due to color, but it did not interfere with our overall experience.

M4 Sherman Tank!

My grandson loves it, it has kept him occupied in the construction phase. He asks questions regarding WW2 and the countries involved. He also asks me many questions about the tank I commanded in Vietnam.
Excellent product as it stimulates the child’s quest for history.


M4A1 Sherman US Tank 726 Pieces 4 Soldiers + Weapons

Lego M4 Sherman Review

Just finished building the thing and I have to say I'm very impressed! The value in this set is nothing short of amazing, as is the build quality and the features the set has.

The build itself was quite nice and structurally the tank is incredibly strong. I really appreciated the subtle features like the engine compartment, the driver and machine gunner seats, and the hatches for the crew. One thing that bothers me is definitely the treads on this tank. They're done so tight to the point where it's difficult to even move them. On flat surfaces it's practically impossible to spin the wheels but on carpets and rough areas it can go if you apply a bit of force. The playability of the set is good too with the turret moving nicely horrizontally but like the Tiger, struggling to move vertically. The overall aesthetic of the thing is beautiful. It almost perfectly resembles the tank my grandfather operated in ww2.

Another subtle detail that isn't obvious is the size. Compared to the Tiger, it has been perfectly scaled which is really appreciated as I like to display them both in the same area.

My biggest complaint (The reason I'm not giving five stars) is because of a faulty piece included in the set. it was a 4x4 piece used to connect the turret to the hull and it was severely warped to the point where putting it in place was nearly impossible. (I literally had to use vice grips to force it into place and even then it came loose.) There was another piece included that hadn't finished molding, a 4x2 green tile, but luckily it didn't impact the end result. Even with the broken pieces however, I managed to complete the thing and it works okay now.

The minifigures included in this set are amazing, especially the commander. The weapons included are also a nice touch that add value. (Especially the 50 cal gun on the roof of the tank)

I'd definitely recommend the tank to anyone as it is a great build and has excellent playability. Well done!


Pieces could have better organized as per directions

really sweet model

This Tank looks really nice. My only issue is that there were a few pieces missing: Both shovels that go on top, the axe, bolt cutters, shofar, grenade, hammer, saw, both rifles and a 3x3 flat black square. There was also a straight 4 piece that looked like it didn't fully mold properly, luckily it still fit in its place and did its job.

A little less than thrilled

The tank is pretty cool but the treads come apart ridiculously easily. If the treads stay on it’s very difficult to move them on a surface. Mine came missing both shovels on the back of the tank, both M1903 rifles, military shovel, triangle saw, bolt cutters, military axe, military hammer, and military shofar.

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