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Loved it,goes great with my WW2 theme.

ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher 373 Pieces
Michael Van Slyke (Limestone, US)
GLM Grenade launcher

A pleasant build. Enjoyed it.

Roman Army Mercenaries Legion Soldiers 21-Pack
Madeline Ewing (Roseville, US)
Roman Army Mercenaries

Yes! I received the order promptly as expected..all was well except I was missing a couple little parts. Otherwise very happy! Can’t wait until you get more in ..I will order. Great service! Thank you !!

Wonderful tank!!

Ordered a tank for my son’s birthday. It got here very fast! We were missing just one tiny weapon part, and we emailed the info to them & they shipped that right out too. So, overall they definitely get 5 stars from us!!

WWII German JU 88 Bomber Plane - 559 Pcs
Dakota Knight (Klamath Falls, US)

I've always loved German WW2 planes. And this thing is legendary. I absolutely love the design of their bombers in particular and you guys did it justice. Amazing product as usual, and had no missing parts which is always nice. Thanks guys please do more German WW2 area planes.

Heavy Gustav Railway Gun WW2 3846 Pieces 3 Soldiers

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Product Description

Schwerer Gustav (English: Heavy Gustav) was a German 80-cm (31.5 in) railway gun. It was developed in the late 1930s as siege artillery for the explicit purpose of destroying the main forts of the French Maginot Line. The fully assembled gun weighed nearly 1,350 tonnes and could fire shells weighing 7t to a range of 47 km (29 mi).

  • 3486 Pieces & 3 German Soldiers Included
  • Size: 103cm/41inches
  • 3in1 Build - 3 Different Railway Gun Models
  • Faithful reproduction of the Heavy Gustav


  • United States: $7.99 (3-5 business days)
  • Canada: $14.99 (7 to 15 business days)
  • International: Shipping rate calculated at checkout. Free shipping above $179.99

INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL PARTS. There will be no missing parts. In the extremely unlikely case that some parts are missing, we will refund your order and you can keep the item. Usually there are 10-20 spare parts included as a gift!

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Customer (Strathmore, CA)

if you don t own it dont comet

Michael Van Slyke (Limestone, US)

Heavy Gustav Railway Gun WW2 3846 Pieces 3 Soldiers

Tim Drexler (Bettendorf, US)
Awesome set for display!

I admit it was tedious to build, but the final result was worth it. I really enjoy the design and the lego nazis that came with. (I'm also pretty sure one of them is Hitler, which is even better).

trey.R (Longview, US)
WOW but theres one problum

ok so im a kid that likes war and i was looking for this but there is one problum thats a lot of money now i know this is a lot of lego for a company to buy and i fully understand but i really want this and i have a shelf for all the lego sets that ive got from the past years and i love lego so to have that thing at the top that will look pretty cool so i love the product but im kinda scared to buy this thing because i think there will be a missing pice or a missing bag and i dont want that to happen so if theres a sale going on im hopeing my paraents will buy it for me.

finley (Provo, US)

This set looks so freaking awesome !!! I am totally going to buy it. look's so cool.

Chris (Auckland, NZ)
Different set.

Hello, I haven't exactly bought the set, but I was thinking if you could add a separate set that is part of this set? Something like a train to pull the artillery cannon,

Chris G (Brooklyn, US)
Bigger as a freaking Truck!!!!

So upon receiving the box I was thinking "no way can 4000 pieces fit in this box". Well they did, bag after bag of legos sprawled out over my 6-foot table. This set took me a sold 4 days of at least 30 hours if not more but it was so worth it. You can tell the pieces aren't of the highest quality, so for the smaller pieces, be gentle and for the big pieces, you really have to push to get the legos together. Upon completion I am still in awe of not only how freaking awesome this thing is, but how massive it is. 100% recommend, and definitely gonna buy more sets.

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