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T-92 American Tank 1832 Pieces
G.G. (Missoula, US)
Great display build, false description

build is fun, finished product is good for display, way too fragile for play. NOT an American light tank! This is a Soviet 2A3 Kondensator AKA "capacitor" It fired 406mm / 16" (that's battleship caliber, like the US Iowa class!) atomic shells! It was made obsolete very quickly by nuclear cruise missiles. Only four of these were ever produced, one of them is on display at the Red army museum in Moscow.

LT-38 German Light Tank 535 Pieces + Weapons
Charlene Lapointe (Merrimack, US)

LT-38 German Light Tank 535 Pieces + Weapons

AWM Sniper Rifle 1491 Pieces 105cm
darren steabner (Victoria, CA)

Not crazy powerful but super fun to build! Took 9hrs over 2 days and was fun the entire time (other than the moments where I was missing a single pin but other bags had extras so it wasn't a major issue)

Excellent kit. Loved it.

Lots of fun to build.

Abrams tank

Good quality and fitment. I now have the Panzer tank also.

Roman Soldiers

5 Reasons to get our brick Roman army for your collection:

The Roman armies are among the most accomplished armies in the ancient world. Everyone knows that Rome built a great empire, and now you can get a brick Roman army in your own home. Here are five reasons to get our soldiers for your collection.

You can use them to create huge dioramas, models, or representations of Roman Empire battles. It provides ready made soldiers to be part of whatever  historical event  you want to represent. 

You can let your children play war by making them fight against the Spartans or the vikings army. Roman legionnaires  can face whatever dangers come their way successfully.  Historical armies are fun to command and to display, as each has their unique style. In the case of the Romans, their helmets, armors, and more make them instantly recognizable and distinct. See who fares better in a battle 

If you are a fan of the Roman Empire and a collector, then you can definitively showcase our Roman brick sets on your shelf. It’s not easy to find a brick Roman soldier, much less a whole legion, and we offer additional accessories, vehicles, and weapons to go along with the soldiers too. Discover the quality of each of our brick legionary soldiers and add them to your collection.

Our compatible legions are composed of 20 soldiers and 1 commander. You can get several different squads and create huge armies and send them into battle. The brick Roman Army for sale was done and designed to be historically accurate and provide  a satisfying experience for  kids and also for adult collectors.

Sorry, there are no products matching your search.

Those soldiers are very hard to find on the web. But you have found them, so don't let them go! Get the best brick Roman legion and build the coolest models or give it to your kids to get them learning about history. Feel like a true Roman Commander as you direct your soldiers and lead them to victory. 

In addition to all these reasons, you should know that our sets are fully compatible with all major brand playsets, so your toy soldiers can play on the Moon, in a spaceship, or in any set that you have at hand. Enjoy the unlimited possibilities to create your own scenarios. Explore our catalogue now to discover the best brick Roman legionnaires at the best prices.