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T-92 American Tank 1832 Pieces
G.G. (Missoula, US)
Great display build, false description

build is fun, finished product is good for display, way too fragile for play. NOT an American light tank! This is a Soviet 2A3 Kondensator AKA "capacitor" It fired 406mm / 16" (that's battleship caliber, like the US Iowa class!) atomic shells! It was made obsolete very quickly by nuclear cruise missiles. Only four of these were ever produced, one of them is on display at the Red army museum in Moscow.

LT-38 German Light Tank 535 Pieces + Weapons
Charlene Lapointe (Merrimack, US)

LT-38 German Light Tank 535 Pieces + Weapons

AWM Sniper Rifle 1491 Pieces 105cm
darren steabner (Victoria, CA)

Not crazy powerful but super fun to build! Took 9hrs over 2 days and was fun the entire time (other than the moments where I was missing a single pin but other bags had extras so it wasn't a major issue)

Excellent kit. Loved it.

Lots of fun to build.

Abrams tank

Good quality and fitment. I now have the Panzer tank also.

Gunship US Air Force 1713 Pieces

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Product Description

The gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack fixed-wing aircraft. It carries a wide array of ground attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems.

  • 1713 Pieces 
  • Developed and deployed during the Vietnam War
  • Currently in service with the US Air Force.


  • United States: $7.99 (3-5 business days)
  • Canada: $14.99 (7 to 15 business days)
  • International: Shipping rate calculated at checkout. Free shipping above $179.99

INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL PARTS. There will be no missing parts. In the extremely unlikely case that some parts are missing, we will refund your order and you can keep the item. Usually there are 10-20 spare parts included as a gift!

PACKAGING - Unless the option "With Original Box" is available, we are shipping all items without their original box in order to save on costs and fees. All our packages are carefully sealed in a plastic foil bag or a cardboard box. To check the packaging beforehand, please watch our Unboxing Video Blog

REFUND POLICY: After you receive your order, you have 30 days to return the product and get a full refund. Just send us an email and we will send you a prepaid USPS label.

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Customer (Whitehorse, CA)
looks good, but look out!

TheBrickArmoury, on your main photo of the plane, the right propeller closest to the middle has a misplaced piece. I recommend you retake the photo

Samuel Dabene (Scarborough, CA)

Have problems putting together. Is there a pack of extra pieces like a mixture of bricks need some items

Paddy Glassco (Montreal, CA)

Gunship US Air Force 1713 Pieces

Anonymous (Wooster, US)
Huge and Amazing

I really like this one that I got. It was huge and had an interior and moving parts. I really liked putting it together, even if it took me a while. Even has a landing gear: the tires come out of the plane itself. I also bought the U.S.S. Missouri. I haven't actually opened it yet, but if the plane was this good, I'm sure the battleship will have great detail and moving parts too.

Troy (Kanata, CA)
Gunship US Air Force 1713 Pieces 4 Soldiers.

Received parcel very quickly. Have not actually opened it yet. But everything else is great.

Carol Mikaelsen (Sacramento, US)

I bought this for my grandson. It was a bit costly. He puts legos together all the time. This purchase from you, does not stay together. And keeps falling apart. And basically given up on trying to put it together. And that makes me sad.

Leo Teng (Sydney, AU)
Really good build and Big

Good build, detail interiors and moveable parts.
and its BIG

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