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M1A2 Abrams 2-1 tank

My 9 year old loves anything military related. Add a LEGO style toy to it and he’s in heaven! He loves this tank! Good quality toy. He’s been all over the brick armory website ever since receiving this set searching for what he wants next!



SWAT Helicopter 254 Pieces

Hi I haven’t received it yet!

My son enjoyed this 5 in 1 aircraft carrier
Very much

WW2 Playset All Vehicles 2078 Pieces 24 Minifigures

  • $139.90
  • Save $30

Get your little army of soldiers and vehicles and start playing war,! This WW2 set comes with tons of World War vehicles and 24 soldier minifigures!!
You get 2 airplanes, a tank, a command truck, 2 heavy duty trucks, 2 outposts, 2 anti air missile cannons, a boat, a jeep, a bike and a sidecar!

Model: WW2 Playset All Vehicles World War 2

Minifigures: 24

Pieces: 2078

United States: $4.99
International: $7.99

INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL PARTS. There will be no missing parts. In the extremely unlikely case that some parts are missing, we will refund your order and you can keep the item. Usually there are 10-20 spare parts included as a gift!

DELIVERY TIME: 12-20 days to the US. Other countries may vary.

PACKAGING - Unless the option "With Original Box" is available, we are shipping all items without their original box in order to save on costs and fees. All our packages are carefully sealed in a plastic foil bag or a cardboard box.
To check the packaging beforehand, please watch our Unboxing Video Blog

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Received and played

All thanks

Great set with plenty of variety.

My 7 year old got some of the S.W.A.T sets last Christmas and wanted some WWII sets this year. He was extremely thrilled with this set and I couldn’t be happier. He’s got D-Day happening in his room now. The only issue I would point out is that the “command truck” is very modern (my son pointed it out) and even has a modern computer in it, but hey, it’s still pretty awesome. Thanks Brick Armory!! His best friend is about to order this as well, and probably more!

WW2 vehicle set

My grandson is thrilled with the WW2 vehicle set. It is one of the things he wrote on his Christmaa wish list. In just two days he has them all built. There were a few pieces missing. A few vechicles don't want to stay snapped together is the only problem with them.

Army Legos

Love the products. Excellent quality. My son loves the WWII themes.

Beautiful set and amazing support team!

Bought this for my son and we received it in good time! Even though the set had missing vehicles and figures, the support team was amazingly helpful and communication was prompt and smooth! Thank you very much for your kind help Robert, really appreciate it and we look forward to the reshipment and future purchases! Highly recommended!

Thanks a lot for your review Marylin:) We are always glad to help. It's a pleasure to serve people as you. Hope to see you again on our website!

Best gift ever. Grandma


The product is great. My son really loved the army themed brick set. He is almost 7 and was able to put most of it together with only a few “can you help me moments.”
My only complaint is originally I was only told one bag and given one tracking number. The product ended up coming in two shipments causing a little confusion. Overall I was very satisfied.

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