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WW2 Minifigures

My grandson is a WW2 buff and LOVES the figures!


Just outstanding products and service.

SWAT Team Playset Helicopter + Boat 1351 Pieces 10 Minifigures

Loved it

Amazing Quality!

I was a little skeptical at first about this, but I discovered there was no reason to be! It arrived actually before the estimated arrival date. It was a really fun build, the numbered bags making it easier since only opening one at a time keeps your area a bit less cluttered. The actual building of it was a bit painful at times because of the kinds of pieces and, since they're new, they didn't always easily fit together. I am very impressed by this thing, especially the fact that it actually shoots! I wouldn't recommend firing it at anyone because it is, after all, a plastic piece that actually fires with surprising force. There is a bit of a weak spot where the butt/stock connects to the main barrel and action and the mechanical aspect with the rubber bands is easier with tweezers and can be a little confusing. There is also one rubberband size that I think would be better if it was a little bit smaller so it works better. Other than a few small problems, this was an overall great buy!

US Soldiers WW2 Minifigures 6-Pack with Cannon & Weapons

IS-2M Soviet Heavy Tank 1068 Pieces 6 Soldiers + Weapons

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 IS-2M Soviet Heavy Tank 1068 Pieces 6 Soldiers + Weapons

United States: $7.99 (3-5 Business Days Delivery)
Canada: $14.99 (7 to 15 business days delivery)

International: $29.99 (12 to 20 business days, may vary)

INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL PARTS. There will be no missing parts. In the extremely unlikely case that some parts are missing, we will refund your order and you can keep the item. Usually there are 10-20 spare parts included as a gift!

PACKAGING - Unless the option "With Original Box" is available, we are shipping all items without their original box in order to save on costs and fees. All our packages are carefully sealed in a plastic foil bag or a cardboard box. To check the packaging beforehand, please watch our Unboxing Video Blog

REFUND POLICY: After you receive your order, you have 30 days to return the product unopened and get a full refund. Just send us an email and we will send you a prepaid USPS label.

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My son loved it!

Was a present for Xmas - he loves World War I and II and this was perfect for him! I look forward to picking out his birthday present!


It was missing 2 black coloured single lane 4 nub pieces where the door on the engine compartment. But i just used the 2 green one that elevate the top man hatch as replacement and that was fine and the moving pieace for the cannon i found worked better if you put it opposite of the directions bit of a spacing issue. But those where super minor things was able to get it together still good quality bricks good challenge and id buy more really fun build

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