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M1A2 Abrams 2-1 tank

My 9 year old loves anything military related. Add a LEGO style toy to it and he’s in heaven! He loves this tank! Good quality toy. He’s been all over the brick armory website ever since receiving this set searching for what he wants next!



SWAT Helicopter 254 Pieces

Hi I haven’t received it yet!

My son enjoyed this 5 in 1 aircraft carrier
Very much

Desert Eagle Pistol Technic 307 Pieces - 5 Bullets

  • $29.90
  • Save $9.05

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol.

  • 307 Pieces
  • Detailed replica of the original Desert Eagle
  • Shoot real plastic bullets (5 Included)

INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS AND ALL PARTS. There will be no missing parts. In the extremely unlikely case that some parts are missing, we will refund your order and you can keep the item. Usually there are 10-20 spare parts included as a gift!

DELIVERY TIME: 12-20 days to the US. Other countries may vary.

PACKAGING - Unless the option "With Original Box" is available, we are shipping all items without their original box in order to save on costs and fees. All our packages are carefully sealed in a plastic foil bag or a cardboard box.
To check the packaging beforehand, please watch our Unboxing Video Blog

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Amazing product instructions hard to read.

The product works really well and is worth the price, the only drawback is that the instructions are sometimes unclear and small, but still a great product

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