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This is the second item I’ve purchased for my wife and she loves them. Looking forward to getting more!

Type 001A Aircraft Carrier 1355 Pieces
Mar Trading USA (Quilmes, AR)
Great product!

My son and I were super happy with this aircraft carrier! Thanks!!

United Nations helicopter 🚁

Great purchase. Grandson loves it. Gave it to him for his 13 th birthday

WWII Vehicles and Soldiers

Definitely pleased with our recent purchase. Placement of the order was simple. It's arrival came in a timely manner and best of all our grandson was thrilled with everything...he had made a "wish list " for his 12th birthday and was definitely not disappointed.

USS Missouri Battleship 2631 Pieces
Carla Cole (Ripley, US)

USS Missouri Battleship 2631 Pieces

Army Soldiers

In a war, soldiers are the people who do the fighting, on the ground, in planes, or from their ships. Our wide variety of soldiers sets will let you recreate wars like WWI, WWII, and historical conflicts, like the Spartans battling the Persians. You and your children will have a great time playing together.

We offer a wide selection of plastic toy soldiers from different countries and eras done in a brick style. Our little toy soldiers are amazing warriors and will fight any battle you send them to, be it a historical one  or one that comes straight from your imagination. 

We offer building bricks toy soldiers that have always been highly popular with kids. Soldiers have always been enjoyed by boys and girls and are a staple of any toy store.  We offer soldiers with a brick style for sale, as this style is one of the most attractive styles for kids and adult collectors. Our brick soldiers are very appealing, fit in any scenario, and are easy to to store and play with.  They are made from durable plastics and provide hours of fun for families.  Recreate any battles you want with our soldiers through the time periods.

Our building bricks soldiers have full sets, including troopers  and commanders, and can fit the different weapons, vehicles, and army bases we  have for you. Populate your fantasy world with the best brick toy soldiers and  use them to create wild adventures.

Our toys are fully compatible with official sets, so you can expand the ones you already own and add more for endless possibilities.  Add to your  kid’s toy box or to your own collection and get a complete selection of brick soldiers.