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Excellent jeep

The details are so exact! On the fuel tanks it even has German writing. Such a great deal.


The pieces are of very good quality with a lot of accessories. Very satisfied

Excellent customer service

The tank arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help! You always responded quickly and with such personalization,

Mixed WW2 Soldiers

Do you like to play war? Check out our compatilbe Lego WW2 soldiers then! Amazing soldiers collections for dioramas or to recreate World War battles. Please note that those are not original Lego WW2 minifigures because they do not produce this kind of war related sets. Our bricks are 100% compatible with real Legos.

The World War II was one of the most tragic and violent period of humanity. Now you can recreate the most iconic battles using our compatible Lego WW2 Soldiers minifigures. 

We have sets of german soldiers, US soldiers, british soldiers, russian soldiers and japanese soldiers from WW2 that can be used to create huge diorama's or they can used for normal war playing by your children. 

There is no better place on the web to find compatible lego ww2 minifigures. We have plenty of different options and we can offer soldiers sets that come with cannons, sidecars, barricades, weapons and accessories so that your children will never run out of playing options with our ww2 or ww1 soldiers.