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Worth it!!!!

Looks and feels like a quality product!!! Received my order quickly and efficiently...I am not disappointed in the least!!! Will totally be ordering from them again in the future.

not a tank

its an armored car (A Stryker, but copyrights and all)


its a Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. J.
get it right. not all German tanks are tigers

I do not receive the purchase item

I do not receive the purchase item. Please send this.

German WW2 Playset with 6 Minifigures, Weapons, Cannons & Dogs
Awesome everything!

Great shipping, boyfriend loved them and most guys fits with the legos he had. Would definitely buy again :)

Thank you so much! we are happy to hear that! The Brick Armory Custumer Support

Lego WW2 Sets

Recreate the most important World War II battle with our super fun compatible Lego WW2 Sets! Please note that those are not original Lego as they do not produce this kind of playsets. So there is not copyright infringement here because there is no original product to copy. Our WW2 playsets are top notch quality and perfectly compatible with original Lego bricks. You will hardly notice any difference with the original bricks. 

Playing the war has always been one of the favorite activities of our children. We offer a huge selection of WW1 & WW2 unofficial Lego sets to recreate the most iconic battles of the last century. 

We provide all kind of World War related Lego playsets. We have Army Minifigures from all over the history (starting from ancient Egypt armies up to more recent guerrilla squads fighting with drones and technology), Army Vehicles like tanks, airplanes, ships, trucks and many more vehicles that were used during the Word War period, and all kinds of playsets.

Lego WW2 sets cannot be found in the official Lego shop as the Danish company does not produce any sort of war related toys. We guarantee the best quality of our playsets, that are 100% compatible with Lego bricks and super fun to play with, like the original. 

We are proud to offer the best prices on this kind of unofficial Lego sets and we also offer playsets and minifigure packs that are not sold by Lego, like our 21-packs minifigures armies, and also our 6 and 8 minifigures pack related to the World War.