Lego Warcraft

If you have been playing World of Warcraft and you are a fan of Lego you cannot miss our Lego Warcraft sets. Please note that our sets are not original Lego as Lego does not produce World of Warcraft sets. Our sets are perfectly compatible with Lego and the quality is very high.

Whether you play with the Alliance or the Horde you cannot miss our Lego Warcraft sets based on the battle between Humans and Elves that took place before the two races allied together to stop the Orc invasion.

Wow is probably the most played MMORPG of the videogame history and with our Lego Warcraft sets you will be able to build iconic cities like the Human capital Stormwind, which is composed by more than 1500 pieces. Or you can get the Stormwind Dock battle set which has about 650 pieces but the same amount of fun involved.

World of Warcraft was born in 2004 and it's the only game that was played by more than 10 millions subscribers from all over the world for almost 2 decades. People have spent months, if not years leveling their characters, their alt characters to go raid in groups of 40, then 25 people against the most powerful villains, like Ragnaros, Illidan, and even the evil lord Sargeras.
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