Lego Transformers

Please note that those are unofficial Lego Transformers sets as Lego does not produce Transformers games to build. Our Transformers toys are a faithful reproduction on the Autobots and Decepticons from the Michal Bay movie. We are the only Lego Transformers shop on the web and our brick sets are as fun to play as the original Lego.

Before time began, there was The Cube. We did not know were it came from, only that it holds the power to create worlds, and fill them with life. That is how our race was born. For a time we lived in a harmony, but like all great powers, some wanted it for good, others for evil. And so began the war. A war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death. And the cube was lost to the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it, and rebuild our home, searching every star, every world. And just when all hope seem lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called...Earth.

Help Sam Witwicky fight the Decepticons with our Lego Transformers sets. Children will now be able to play with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and other Transformers characters to save the world from the Megatron menace. 

Bumblebee can transform into the classic yellow and black striped Camaro and Optimus in the usual truck. There will be no end to the fun one can have playing those sets and recreate the scenes of the movie. 

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