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Russian Soldiers WW2 6-Pack with Weapons, Horse, Bike, Cannons & Barricades

i have't receive the item

UH-60 Review

Wonderful product! Grandkids love it!!


i haven't opened them yet I bought them for my son for Xmas.

Christmas gift so will see. I think my son will love it

Titanic Ship

The most iconic transatlantic ship is finally available for you to build and show in your collection! Please be aware that this is no an original Lego Titanic set because Lego does not make any Titanic official model. Our brick are 100% compatible with real Legos.

Compatible Lego Titanic sets are not easy to find because they are not officially produced. Still, there are plenty of Titanic models made by people with their own designs to recreate the most important transatlantic ship of all times.

You can pick our small Titanic model that you fit pretty much anywhere and is very easy and quick to build. But actually we would suggest to purchase the 1021 pieces Titanic movie playset that features 2 minidolls, Jack and Rose, to revive and recreate one of the best love story from the movies!

Whether you are a collector, a builder or you want it for your kids, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our compatible Lego Titanic ship, 100% compatible with real Lego bricks. You cannot miss this set!

We can also offer a bigger set made of 1860 pieces. This set features an extremely long blue baseplate and also an iceberg, just waiting for your ship to pass by!