Lego The Walking Dead

Best selection of Lego The Walking Dead Minifigures to add to your collection! Please note that those are not official Lego figures. You cannot buy Lego The Walking Dead sets at the Lego shop because Lego does not make them. Our minifigures are a perfect reproduction of Lego and perfectly compatible with it.

Play as Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Rick in this post-apocaliptic drama based on the book of Robert Kirkman. There is no other place to buy Lego The Walking Dead minifigures. They are a perfect addition to your adult collection or you can let your children have endless fun with it.

Be on the move and keep searching fo a safe home under the lead of Rick Grimes. You can now have the Rick Grimes lego minifigure, which is not easy to find at all. 

The series started in 2010 and due to incredible results from the public it has been continued until season 9 and will probably go on beyond that. There is also a spinoff series, Fear of the Walking Dead, who debuted in 2015.

As there are no Lego the Walking Dead sets to buy on the shelves of the original Lego shop, we want to make clear that our products are not a reproduction or clone of any official product. We do not sell Lepin bricks as we do not condone the copyright infringement the company is doing.


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