Lego Tanks

We have the widest selection of unofficial Lego tank sets, from 150 to 3600 pieces. Our Lego army tank are top notch quality. Please note that those are not original Lego Army Tank as Lego does not produce tanks or similar war vehicles. Our products are 100% compatible with real Lego.

Lego tanks are one of the most desired gift for children. Such buildable armored vehicles are perfect to be used on the battlefront playset. There will be endless war situations to recreate using our tanks and our army minifigures packs together. Your children will absolutely love them.

Lego military tanks can be found in different sizes and pieces counts. We offer buildable tanks from as little as 150 pieces to the big KV-2 that has more than 3600 pieces. We also offer different unofficial Lego Tiger tanks to recreate ww2 battles.

It's not possible to buy Lego tank sets in the official store due to their policy of not doing any war related set, so weapons, soldier minifigures and possible Lego army tanks are out of the question. But there are many more brick tanks to be bought on the web, and some of them are truly amazing. Quality may differ sometimes, but even if you cannot have an original lego tank i assure you that the substitute will leave you very satisfied indeed. 

There are sometimes called Lego clone tanks but in the case we can assure that the model we sell are not copied from Lego. They are original models. We do not condone the creation of cloned sets like some companies as Lepin do. 

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