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Im 11 years old and I've been saving up for a long time so me and my mom just bout two lego sets from the brick armory this is one of them I'm so exited to get them and there prises are amazing compared to other companies the brick armory is amazing

Hello Hannah! I can't thank you enough for your review! We are so proud you saved money to buy from us! Please for your next order, contact us beforehand and I will give you a massive discount! Enjoy!

me and my mom just bout two lego set and this is one of them there prices is amazing and am so exited to get them because I've been saving for a long time

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My son was so excited when the WW2 soldiers were delivered! I was concerned about what the quality was going to be like since it was my first time ordering from the website, but the product was great & I will definitely order from there again.

Hello Stephanie, we are so glad your son liked the product!! Please come back anytime, we will be excited to help you:) Robert Corbett

Will order in the future! My experience ordering from you was great! Very happy from start to finish

M1A2 Abrams Tank 2in1 1463 Pieces

SWAT Minifigures Soldiers

We offer the widest selection of compatible Lego SWAT Minifigures for sale on the web! Be aware that those are not official Lego products because they do not produce this kind of minifigures. The compatible Lego SWAT Figures we offer are as fun to play as the real Lego and perfectly compatible with it.

Compatible Lego SWAT Minifigures are an entirely new toy for our children to play with. They love to recreate SWAT operations and play endless hours with them. As there are no official Lego SWAT guys produced by the Danish company, you can rest assured our products are not a clone of any official playset. 

The SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) use to wear utility uniforms that are somehow similar to the ones of the Army. Our Compatible Lego SWAT soldiers wear the US military helmet and sometimes also fire ratardant balaclavas that are also useful to protect the identity of the users, exactly like the real ones.

Our Compatible Lego SWAT Team also come equipped with tons of weapons to use, barricades, narcotics dogs, horses and tactical buildings.