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crusader knight mini figs

well happy with these chappies will look great with the Lego castle I'm currently building, will get some other armies later

Great purchase

My son loved it, company was professional and prompt.

Looks good. Will get to see properly when our Grandson opens his Christmas present.

SWAT Soldiers 6-Pack with Weapons, Shields & Dog

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! Excellent product and so much larger than I thought it would be.


Check out our selection of compatible Lego Submarines sets. Please be aware that those are not original Lego submarines because they do not produce any submarine or other military vehicle related set. Our sets are 100% compatible with Lego and the bricks can be mixed and matched.

If you were looking for compatible Lego Submarines you have come to the right place. Our submarines sets are original designs and made of bricks that are compatible with real Lego.

You can show our submarines on your shelf or let your children build and pay with them. No matter what you do, a nuclear submarine or U-boat from the second world war will be a very rare addition to your collection.