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Excellent customer service

The tank arrived today. Thank you so much for all your help! You always responded quickly and with such personalization,

Army Legos

Love the products. Excellent quality. My son loves the WWII themes.

Golden Spartans

The Golden Spartans are awesome and I’m also saving up so I can buy more


I bought this LEGO for my army loving little man and he was so thrilled!! I will def be buying more!


The soldiers are actually WW2 Era, but everything else is great.though, it could include detailed instructions, and have English captions.

Roman Soldiers Minifigures

You have finally found the right place to get your compatible lego roman soldiers. Please note those those are not original Lego roman minifigures as Lego does not produce those kind of minifigures. Our sets are 100% compatible with real Lego and the bricks can be mixed together.

5 Reasons to get our Lego Roman army for your collection:

You can use them to crete huge diorama's or representations of roman empire battles.

You can let your children play war by making them fight against the spartan or the vikings army. 

If you are a fan of the roman empire and a collector then you can definitively showcase our roman lego sets on your shelf.

Our compatible lego roman legions are composed of 20 soldiers and 1 commander. you can get several different squads and create huge armies or legionaries or mercenaries.

Those minifigures are very hard to find on the web. But you have found them, so don't let em go!