Lego DragonBall Z

Make Goku fight against Vegeta to finally decide who's the most powerful Sayan in the universe! Please note that those are not official Lego Dragonball Z Minifigures as Lego does not produce them. Our minifigures are perfectly compatible with Lego and you will hardly notice any difference. They are as fun to play as the original and a perfect addition to your Lego Dragonball Z collection.

There are not many store where you can buy Lego Dragonball minifigures as Lego does not produce them and this makes them very hard to find. 

You can finally recreate the most important fights to save the planet Earth from being destructed by Freezer, Cell, Majin Bu and other villains who landed on Earth to conquer it! 

If you are a Dragon Ball fan you can have endless fun playing with our minifigures. We have different packages featuring Goku and his different Super Sayan transformations from the Dragon Ball Super Series. There is also Vegeta, Crilin, Master Yoshi and other characters, inculding villains.

Whether you prefer Lego Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT or Dragonball Super you will find our minifigures fitting perfectly into your rare minifigs collection. Dragonball was created by Akira Toriyama and it's one of the most played cartoon on television ever. I used to watch it in the 90's and so do my nephews in the recent days. Dragonball never dies and so does Goku! I mean, he dies pretty often but that never stopped him from fighting the villains both in the living world and in the afterlife, partecipating and winning the afterlife tournaments against the best fighters of the entire universe with the support of Caio and the God of Destruction Beerus!

There will be no end to fun you can have playing with our Lego DBZ Minifigures!