Lego Breaking Bad

If you are looking to buy Lego Breaking Bad minfigures look no further! We are offering our unofficial Breaking Bad minifigures which are not original Lego but they are exactly the same and perfectly compatible with real Lego. They are a perfect addition to your adult collection or you can let your children play with them!

There is no other place to get your Lego Breaking Bad Minifigures! Please note that those are not official Lego prodcuts as they do not produce Breaking Bad themed sets and figures. Our minifigures are 100% compatible with Lego bricks and they are hardly recognizable as not official lego sets. 

It's finally possible to get a Lego Walter White minfigure and of course also the Jesse Pinkman minifigure so that you could recreate the most iconic scenes from the most viewed tv series of all times.

The show was produced by Vince Gilligan and originally aired on AMC in 2008 and kept going for 5 seasons. Walter White is diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, so together with his former student Jesse Pinkman they turn to crime by starting a metamphetamine production business.

Our minifigures pack of 8 includes also the lawyer Saul Goodman and Hank Schrader, the best friend of Walter which is at the same time a DEA agent looking for drug lords.

You can get your Lego Breaking Bad minifigures to add them to your adult collection or you can let your children play with them for endless sessions of fun and gameplay.