Lego Assassin Creed

Are you looking for Lego Assassin Creed sets? We have the best selections of Lego Assassin Creed minifigures to add to your collection! Please be aware that those are not original Lego figures as there are not official Assassin Creed Lego sets for sale, but our minifigures are 100% compatible with Lego.

Fight against the Templars of this action-adventure series developed by Ubisoft. You can finally buy Lego Assassin Creed minifigures for an endless playtime or to simply add them to your collection. 

The saga is inspired by the novel Alamut by Vladimir Bartol and consist of ten different chapters released on all major gaming platforms. There are no official Lego Assassin Creed for sale in the Lego shop, so the only option to achieve those is to get them from other companies. Out products are not a clone of any official Lego sets, and we do not condone the copyright infringement that some chinese companies like Lepin do. 

Play as William & Desmond Miles, Girolamo Savonarola, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleone Bonaparte, Goerge Washington or fight the Templars as Lorenzo de Medici or Lucrezia Borgia. There is no end to the scenes on the movie or the videogame that you can recreate using our Lego Assassin Creed sets & Minifigures. Let your children pay with them or add them to your adult fan collection!