Lego Army Minifigures

Huge selection of Lego Army Minifigures to recreate World War 2 battle and free the worlds from the Nazi's! Please note that those are not official Lego figures because Lego does not produce any sort of army themed products. Our Lego WW2 minifigures are the same quality and perfectly compatible with Lego. Your children will love them!

We have the deepest selection of Lego Army Minifigures for sale on the web! There is no limit to the fun you can have playing the war and recreate ww2 and ww1 battle using our Lego military minifigures. We have jungle soldiers, guerrilla soldiers, desert storm soldiers, navy seals figures and many more!

It's not possible to buy Lego army minifigures at the official store as the danish company does not produce army and soldiers figures. This means that we do not sell any kind of cloned or copied product. We would not sell Lepin sets because they are a knockoff of the real Lego and they infringes all sort of copyright laws.

Playing the war has always been one if not the favorite game for out children. Having many army minifigures let them create all sort of battle and guerrilla situations. They can use other playset and fill them with soldiers turning them into war zones! There is no end to the fun they can have playing with them. 

We have packs of Lego army minifigures that start with 3 minifigures up to pack with 12 or more. We also have little armies composed of 21 soldiers with their commander on our Lego Soldiers section if you prefer them. They are perfect for fighting one another until there is only one survivor left on the field!!

Most of our minifigures pack also come equipped with several weapons they can use and also they come with awesome police dogs or little playsets like trenches, bike, roadblocks and cannons to recreate even more war situations.

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