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I bought for my son , he is so happy with them . And he said they are good quality .

AWM Sniper Rifle 1491 Pieces 105cm.

Product was nice. My boyfriend loved it! Definitely kept him busy for a while!

Good product!

I was very happy with my tiger tank and soldiers very nice build and would buy another... I did notice that my soldiers had no arms tho so would hope that I have arms on my next order

ww2 soldiers Minifigures 48 pack with weapons

My grandson, Ian (10), is autistic and is focused on the War of 1812 and WW I and WWII. He is thrilled with these miniature soldiers, using them in a stop-action video is working on.

Recent purchase

The order was delivered on time and my grandson was very pleased with it. Thanks so much

Gun & Rifles

For the most part the word 'gun' is a simple, easy catch all term for any firearm. In most cases you can get away with calling any weapon that fires bullets a gun.

The term “rifle” actually comes from archery and fletching (the art of making arrows). Fletcher started to twist the feathers at the back of the arrow into a spiral so the arrow would spin for greater accuracy, especially useful against moving targets.

Our wide Lego sets of guns and rifles will offer endless possibilities of playing time building any of our incredible sets. You and your children will definitely enjoy them.