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Great toy!!

Excellent product!! My son is totally into ww2 history, plus some fun!!!

Magnum Revolver Pistol 300 pieces

Definitely a display item and not a toy. Not recommended for ADD or ADHD folks.

Japanese lego set

My grandson has loved all of the lego sets we have ordered. He thought the sidecar was pretty cool.
5 stars & great customer service!!

Excellent Product

No missing pieces and set assembled no problems as per instructions.


For the most part, 'gun' is a simple, easy catch all term for any type of firearm. In reality, it’s more complicated than that (as any gun enthusiasts will tell you), but in most cases, you can get away with calling any weapon that fires bullets a gun. Guns have been around for several centuries and are interesting to many people for their craftsmanship, as well as for other characteristics.

The term “rifle” actually comes from archery and fletching (the art of making arrows). The fletcher would twist the feathers at the back of the arrow into a spiral so the arrow would spin to achieve greater accuracy, especially useful against moving targets. Rifles are a specific type of weapon with a lot of fans too. Rifles are more accurate and pack a lot of power.r Both guns and rifles have undergone a lot of different iterations through the ages, and enthusiasts  care a lot about accuracy. We offer recreations of original designs from different eras, so if you are looking for something from World War II or a model from World War I, we might be able to help you.

We provide a wide selection of Lego compatible guns and rifles that will offer endless possibilities of playing time. You can spend a while building any of our incredible sets. You and your children will definitely enjoy them. We offer Lego compatible guns for minifigures, so that you can turn any of your beloved figurines into a gunslinger. There are different Lego compatible mini guns to choose from, including Lego compatible WW2 guns for historical accuracy, Lego compatible SWAT guns to recreate urban warfare scenarios, and more. Lego as a company takes a position against military and war toys, but we understand that for many people, this is an exciting and enriching topic. We want to make sure you find just the right item to complete your collection and customize your products however you want with our guns and rifles.

Whether you are a collector with an interest in Lego military guns or want to please your kids by getting them a special toy, our offering of Lego compatible army guns and rifles is sure to leave you satisfied. Explore our catalogue to discover the best models and sets of toy guns done in a Lego style and compatible with products designed and sold by Lego. Explore our catalogue to see the best products at the lowest prices and take advantage of our discounts.