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Tim Drexler (Davenport, US)

Loved it.

ICS-190 GLM Set

It arrived fast, and was easy to assemble and build but did take a long time. understandably it was flimsy when played around with but as a display item it looks really good. This set was also good for taking apart and making other weapon attachments for other buildable weapon sets, which i did.

U.S. Army Normandy D Day LCM3 Landing Craft WW2 - 413 Pieces

USS Missouri Battleship 2631 Pieces
Julian Herrera (Canoga Park, US)
USS Missouri Battleship

I bought this build a few weeks ago for myself (age 25-30) and I can honestly say it met all my expectations! I was worried the pieces would not fit or that some would be missing, but that was not the case! There were a few pieces that required some force or the right angle to click, but nothing that a 7+ year old wouldn't be able to figure out. I have a great time building it and will definitely be purchasing more sets with The Brick Armory in the future. I would also like to point out that my order arrived earlier than anticipated, so I was definitely happy about that!


Building bricks SWAT Soldiers are an entirely new toy for our children to play with. They love to recreate SWAT operations and play endless hours with them.

The SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) wear special uniforms that are somewhat similar to the ones of the Army, which makes sense as this is a paramilitary unit that uses tactics and weapons and vehicles that come from military experience. We tried to respect this style and provide designs that are faithful to the prototypes. Our brick SWAT soldiers wear the US military helmet and sometimes also fire retardant balaclavas that are also useful to protect the identity of the users, exactly like the real one members of the SWAT team have. Each design of our SWAT team brick toys is unique and carefully crafted.

Our building bricks SWAT Team sets also come equipped with tons of weapons to use, barricades, narcotics dogs, horses, and tactical buildings or bases. Our brick SWAT Soldiers for sale are faithful to the original designs of the team and use accessories that are the same as their real-life counterparts. The brick SWAT soldiers are designed to be age-appropriate for most kids and also a fun addition to any collection of military or police toys. 

The brick SWAT soldiers are as prepared as their real counterparts! They are ready to deal with any threat to the nation or the city and face high-risk situations others just can’t handle. They have soldier SWAT training, military weapons, military tactics, and a lot of guts.

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A building bricks SWAT team for sale is not easy to find, so check out the offerings in our catalogue! We have many options that will please your kids or take a place of honor  in your  collection. As all our designs are fully original, they are quite unique and have a lot of elements that can make them good for kids and for adults. Send your SWAT team on a wild adventure or use them to recreate a complex scenario or to build a diorama or to enhance a brick playset you already own. 

Playing with and collecting toy soldiers is a time-honored tradition. Why not add a little variety with our toy soldiers belonging to the top SWAT units in the country?  Also make sure to check out the accessories, bases and buildings, and military vehicles that can complement your squad of SWAT soldiers. We offer low prices and regularly have discounts that you can take advantage of. Check it all out today!