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Loved it,goes great with my WW2 theme.

ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher 373 Pieces
Michael Van Slyke (Limestone, US)
GLM Grenade launcher

A pleasant build. Enjoyed it.

Roman Army Mercenaries Legion Soldiers 21-Pack
Madeline Ewing (Roseville, US)
Roman Army Mercenaries

Yes! I received the order promptly as expected..all was well except I was missing a couple little parts. Otherwise very happy! Can’t wait until you get more in ..I will order. Great service! Thank you !!

Wonderful tank!!

Ordered a tank for my son’s birthday. It got here very fast! We were missing just one tiny weapon part, and we emailed the info to them & they shipped that right out too. So, overall they definitely get 5 stars from us!!

WWII German JU 88 Bomber Plane - 559 Pcs
Dakota Knight (Klamath Falls, US)

I've always loved German WW2 planes. And this thing is legendary. I absolutely love the design of their bombers in particular and you guys did it justice. Amazing product as usual, and had no missing parts which is always nice. Thanks guys please do more German WW2 area planes.

The Lego fan conventions

Posted by matias carrillat on

lego convention

There is a thriving community of Lego fans across the world. The fans, kids and adults alike, celebrate their enjoyment and share their love for Lego bricks. In particular, there are many fan events and conventions where people come together to buy Lego, showcase their skills, take part in contests, and listen to speakers about the topic, as well as to make new friends and connections within the field. 

What is a LEGO convention?

A convention is an event organized officially or unofficially to bring together fans from different places. A convention is a place to meet people and take a deep dive into a hobby. Usually, conventions are held over the course of a weekend, of a single day, or, rarely, a week. Lego cons take place all over the world, with many happening in the U.S. There are several huge events that are connected to Lego.

The first official Lego convention took part in 2000 in Arlington, Virginia. It was launched by Christina Hitchcock and it ran for 9 years. Since then, multiple events have been organized.

Famous Lego conventions

One of the first cons to mention is BrickUniverse. BrickUniverse is a fan event that is organized for fans by fans of all ages. The con showcases large creations and teaches people how to build their own from Lego bricks. It also has vendors selling bricks, sets, and accessories, as well as Lego merchandise, including jewelry and clothes. It is possible to find new and old sets as well as parts and minifigures.

Another big con is Brick Fiesta. It is a yearly con that takes place in Texas. The con was founded in 2011 and is usually a four-day summer event. The con takes place on a space of over 35 square feet and has thousands of attendees. Unlike other events, this is a non-profit that is done for fun.

The next big con is BrickCon that takes place annually in Seattle. It takes place over four days as well and consists of two sections: private convention and the public exhibition. The private part provides a community space for displaying works, attending discussions and panels, games, raffles, and other experiences oriented towards fans specifically. The public exhibition invites people and fans to look at the amazing creations that are brought there every year, to shop, and to take part in activities for  kids. It is less specialized but very important for popularizing Lego through a Lego show.

Brickfête is a convention that takes place every year in Toronto, Canada. It was the first Canadian Lego fan event that has been going on since 2011. Like BrickCon, it has a public exhibition and a private convention. It is staffed by volunteers. The con allows individuals a space to show their collections and constructions and promote their hobbies. In addition to the Toronto summer con, there is a roadshow that travels around the country holding smaller events in different Canadian cities.

The biggest convention in the U.S. is the Virginian BrickFair. It  has been going on since 2008 and boasts of up to 22500 attendees. The con was founded by Todd Webb. it is usually held in August, every year. The convention takes place in an area of over 100 thousand square feet. In addition to the edition in Virginia, there are cons in Alabama, New England, and other states as well. BrickFair is linked to different children’s charities who receive profits and toys from the convention. 

Who goes to Lego conventions?

These cons target adult fans of Lego, teen fans of Lego, and children and families. many of them have two distinct areas, one  of which can be enjoyed casually, where people can see the creations Lego fans put on display, play with blocks, and buy products. The convention per se is usually oriented towards fans and has  discounts, talks, and activities that are more niche. Cons usually require the purchase of a ticket, but costs may vary depending on the ticket type. Exhibitions can be cheaper, while access to all the con events or throughout all the days it takes place is usually more expensive. 

What to do in Lego conventions

Cons are good spaces to get Lego sets. There may be exclusive discounts and products that have only just launched. They are also great options if you want a rare piece, an old set or minifigure, or some other accessory.  Pieces are sold in sets, together and separately, and there are also exclusive and collector's editions. In general, conventions carry a lot of merchandise that centers around the theme in a single place, so it’s a good option to come and enjoy Lego shirts, toys, puzzles, keychains, and other products.

The activities can vary a lot depending on the con. usually, there will be guests, for instance, famous builders or other people engaged in the community. There are usually talks and fan discussions, round tables, panels, and workshops related to the theme, for  instance, building techniques. There are also a lot of vendors, games, building areas, and more, all centering around Lego.

Hands playing with Lego toys

In addition to cons that are usually fan-organized, though Lego is aware of these events and often supports them in some way, there are League and Robotics events, such as FIRST LEGO League Challenge, Robofest, FIRST LEGO League Explore, and others, including many smaller events. These are oriented towards children of different ages and challenge them to build working Lego robots with the proper support and guidance. There are contests and workshops that teach robotics through Lego. These events are more family-focused and more closely tied to the  Lego brand.

There are different events held around the world to celebrate Lego and bring communities closer together. They can provide a fun place to talk to other enthusiasts, share, buy, and learn. Cons are very popular and take place all over the world, though the American conventions tend to be  bigger. There are plenty of Lego-oriented conventions, exhibitions, and competitions for kids and adults or for the whole family to enjoy.

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